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Many businesses have a tremendous amount of success for many years but few are able to transition a business to a new owner or ownership group without proper planning.

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Accomplish Your Mission

Planning starts by preparing not only for the expected events like an owner’s retirement or a business sale but also for unexpected events like a death or disability of an owner or key employee.

At The Capital Group, we help our clients prepare for these events so that an owner or partner can achieve the proper valuation and eventual sales price to help fund their retirement and so an unexpected event does not derail that retirement dream. There are many different tools and outside advisors used in this planning process which The Capital Group can help construct and act on. Whether an internal sale, an external sale, or maybe an ESOP is considered to create value for the shareholders, planning is where it starts and a great advisory team is a key component to that planning.

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We offer dynamic solutions that help businesses worry less and grow more.


Risk Management

We strive to understand your business and tailor the best risk-management solution to protect your company, your assets, & your employees.

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Wealth Management

We provide the resources to manage your capital in the most efficient manner, while striving to maximize your most lucrative financial goals.

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We customize benefits packages to fit your needs, and act as an effective incentive to attract and maintain the best talent for your company.

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Retirement Plan Consulting

We diligently tailor your retirement plans to insure a more secure future for you, your employees, and your executives alike.

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HR Technology

Our HR management technology provides your company with the efficiency & ease of use to effectively manage your employee benefits.

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We provides compliance services to help companies avoid audit-related financial damages. Our team can handle all DOL audit requests.

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