Retirement Plan Consulting

We specialize in working with business owners and plan sponsors to customize retirement plans based on your employees’ specific needs.

Customizable Retirement Planning Options

Customizable Retirement Planning Options

A proper retirement plan is one of the most important benefits an employer can offer to their employees. At The Capital Group, we understand the great responsibility that comes with helping your employees save for their future.

We specialize in working with business owners and plan sponsors to customize retirement plans based on your employees’ specific needs. We can assist you with your retirement plan design to build a comprehensive plan for your employees’ financial future. Contact our team to find out how our expertise can help your employees today.


Retirement Planning Solutions for Your Employees

Heightened scrutiny on retirement plans from the Department of Labor (DOL) has caused employee retirement planning to become one of the largest concerns facing employers. Our corporate retirement planning solutions ensure the plan sponsor’s fiduciary protection is the primary objective, providing employee education to help them fully understand their plan benefits.

We take into account your business’s size, profits, team size, and retirement goals to ensure the plan you select is the best one for your employees’ needs. We’ll then continue to act as an ERISA 3(21) or 3(38) fiduciary advisor to provide you with the guidance and information you need to continue to offer unparalleled retirement benefits to your employees.

Our team handles all aspects of retirement planning to provide you with the utmost convenience, including the following areas:

  • Investment oversight and due diligence
  • Coordination and facilitation of investment committee meetings
  • Fiduciary Compliance
  • Employee education and advice
  • Benchmark and RFP plan providers
  • Financial Wellness
  • Plan design

We offer a wide range of employer retirement plans, including 401(k), profit-sharing, defined benefit, cash balance, 403(b), and more. Give your employees access to a more secure financial future with retirement planning solutions from The Capital Group.

Retirement Planning Solutions for Your Employees

Retirement Planning with The Capital Group

Your employees deserve to have a secure plan for their retirement. At The Capital Group, we value objective advice, and we partner with recordkeepers, TPAs, and auditors who share those values so we can place our clients’ interests first, right where they should be.

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Retirement Plan Consulting

We diligently tailor your retirement plans to insure a more secure future for you, your employees, and your executives alike.

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