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The Nation’s Only Specialized Insurance for Federal Contractors

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Insurance for Federal Contractors

Insurance for Federal Contractors

The Nation’s Only Specialized Insurance for Federal Contractors.

As the nation’s premier provider of insurance to Federal Contractors, we understand the unique nature of your business. Today, companies like yours have to face decreasing budgets, increasing scrutiny, consolidated competitors, and a reduction in sole-source awards. All these elements combined have made the US Federal Contracting environment more competitive than ever.

The Capital Group knows that being competitive today means keeping your WRAP Rate low and your Fringe Rate under control. By partnering with The Capital Group, the nation’s exclusive broker for GovTech Insurance, you can lower the cost of your employee benefits and commercial insurance by up to 35%.  GovTech Insurance is the only specialty insurance carrier for Federal Service Providers.

Why Choose The Capital Group?

At The Capital Group, leveraging our expertise to manage client costs is a specialty.

  • Custom Solutions — Get the benefits packages, coverage, and more that you need as a Government Contractor.
  • Compliance & Protection — Rely on specialists to help your business stay up to date on compliance policies and coverage options.
  • Proactive Risk Management — Receive assessments and solutions to keep your business protected.
  • Tailored Advice — Get information and updates from specialists who understand the government contracting sector.
Why Choose The Capital Group?
Federal Service Providers’ Employee Benefits & Healthcare

Federal Service Providers’ Employee Benefits & Healthcare

Retain top talent while keeping costs under control.

Whether you are SDVOSB, 8(a), Middle Market or Full and Open, you encounter the same challenges of acquiring and retaining top talent.  At The Capital Group we recognize that employee benefits are often your second largest expense next to payroll.  We guide you through the process of developing the correct employee benefits package for your human capital including options such as Fully Insured, Level Funded, Referenced Based Pricing, Self-Funded plans with International Script Sourcing.  The end goal is a competitive package that helps your attract and retain top talent while keeping costs under control.

The Challenging Regulations of Federal Contracting

Choose a partner who understands the challenging regulations of federal contracting.

As a federal service provider, remaining compliant and up to date on all aspects of your business can be frustrating. For success in the government contracting sector, you need a partner that can keep up with rapidly changing rules and regulations while providing the right services for your business.

The Capital Group specializes in providing Government Contractors with:

With years of experience serving Government Contractors, The Capital Group team offers tailored solutions to best meet your business needs and goals.

The Challenging Regulations of Federal Contracting

Insurance for Protection & Compliance

From aviation to education, technology to construction, and everything in between, The Capital Group can help your government contracting business get the coverage you need.

With a wide variety of commercial insurance solutions, your business can receive coverage for:

  • Automobile
  • Commercial Crime
  • Cyber & Data Breach
  • Employment Practices Liability
  • Property
  • International Exposure
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • And More

Not only do you need coverage to protect yourself and your company—proper insurance is essential for securing government contracts. The Capital Group team helps your business keep compliance with FAR, DFARS, Defense Base Act, and more.

For Government Contractors

The Capital Group partners with GovTechTM, a leader in protecting federal contractors against unforeseen risks.

While having the required insurance coverage for government contracts is necessary to do business, having the right liability coverage is crucial to protect you and your company from additional risk.

Through GovTechTM, your business has access to comprehensive liability policies including:

  • Directors and Officers
  • General
  • Professional
  • Umbrella
  • And More

Employee Benefits

The Capital Group team helps you secure the right benefits packages and solutions for your government contracting business.

By working with strategic partners, The Capital Group brings you benefit options from leading companies and provides support through open enrollment and administration.

  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Life
  • Short-Term and Long-Term
  • Voluntary Benefits
  • And More


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